“Let Us Lift You Up and Move You Around Safely!”

Accommodation Through Stair Lifts.

Stay Empowered in Your Home!

A Wheelchair Lift Company for Ohio

Physical limitations should never restrict access to your home. AAA Health Care is an elevator installer that is invested in putting freedom back in your hands through safe, reliable mobility solutions. As a residential lift company, we are interested in finding the ideal mobility solution that addresses your concerns.

Personalizing Access To Your Whole Home

AAA Health Care is an accessibility lift company that works with you to find the best mobility solutions based on your home’s layout.

How do we create the solution? It all starts with an in-home consultation.

Wheel Chair Lift

We send one of our technicians to your home to determine the following:

  • Your home’s layout, as well as rooms you have difficulty accessing.
  • Your body type, physical limitations, etc.

Getting this information is vital to doing our best work. By gathering this information, we are able to design the best wheelchair accessible solutions for your home. In our 26 years of existence, our residential lift company has always been able to install a solution that worked for the client.

man on stairlift
old man on stairlift
woman on stairlift

Our Mobility Solutions

Below is a list of the mobility products we install in homes. For more information on our suppliers, please visit the services page:

Stair Lift

Stair Lifts

A simple solution for clients that have large staircases they are unable to climb. We install a fitted stairlift that accommodates your size and physical abilities.

Elevators Lift


Small residential elevators can be installed into homes without altering the home too much. AAA Health Care is a residential lift company that can into your home in a space the size of a closet.

Vertical Lift

Vertical Lifts

Vertical lifts are perfect for clients that would like to access their backyard or garage without installing a ramp.

Ceiling Lift

Ceiling Lifts

Have difficulty getting out of bed? Ceiling lifts are easy to use and can provide you relief!

aaa healthcare vertical lift sample
AAA Healthcare Lift Sample