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Residential and Commercial Elevator Service

Age shouldn’t automatically mean sacrificing freedom or independence. AAA Health Care offers accessible stair lifts and similar elevators for residential and commercial applications, allowing you have unrestricted access to your entire home! It is our goal to help the elderly and people with disabilities to reclaim their mobility through residential elevators and platform lifts.

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Products We Use

AAA Health Care only uses products from the most reputable commercial elevator companies. Whether you require an accessible stair lift or a residential elevator, we know a company that has the product you desire. We have experience installing products from the following companies:

Bruno offers the gold standard in accessible stair lifts and vertical platform lifts. The difference making technology is the cutting edge custom curved rail stair lift, capable of being installed on any type of stairwell!
Inclinator is a commercial elevator company that specializes in home elevators and vertical platform lifts for homes. Their patented Elevette® residential elevator come in a variety of design styles and can easily be installed to an existing home.
ThyssenKrupp is an engineering company, one of their specialties is elevator products. They provide elevators for both commercial and residential application.

Integrating Without Interrupting

At our core, AAA Health Care operates with the intention of making your life more convenient. Keeping that in mind, all our mobility products are designed while being sensitive to your body type, and your specific disabilities. We will always have a solution with you in mind.

Once you have settled on a desired elevator product, our team wastes no time to complete the project. The typical timeframe for most projects is about 6-8 weeks, for a more specific timetable, please visit the product’s specific page. While we work, our clients do not have to leave their home. We are able to integrate your accessible stair lift or ceiling mounted mobility lift without disrupting your daily routine!

We offer the following products: