AAA Health Care provides elevator installations for the elderly and physically impaired. When most of our clientele think of an elevator, visions of large commercial elevators in skyscrapers that are designed to move up and down the side a building in a matter of seconds. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Safety for Vertical Mobility

Elevators installed by AAA Health Care are more appropriate for residential applications. They are intended for use by one or two persons, and generally move at a slower pace than their industrial strength counterparts. Due to their size, elevator repair and maintenance easier than one would expect. Our elevator installers recommend an elevator to clients that live in larger, multi-story homes that the client wishes to have full access to.

Elevette® Your Mobility

Our elevator technicians’ preferred residential elevator product is Elevette® from Inclinator. In an industry that has often remained stagnant in it’s innovation, Inclinator has made significant strides to redefine what can be done with a residential elevator.

While Elevette® elevators are known for their stability and reliability, their true signature lies in their aesthetically pleasing design. Elevette® home elevators come in countless design styles to compliment your home. Since they take up no more space than a standard closet, integrating one into your home is not an intrusive, labor intensive task! AAA Health Care is familiar with this product, so elevator servicing is simple and straightforward for us.

free in-home evaluation

Commercial and Residential Elevators

After we visit your property and determine the extent of the project, we will begin to devise a plan for your elevator installation. From start to finish, clients should expect the installation to take about 4-6 weeks. Clients can remain in their home during the installation, the process is non-intrusive and will not interfere with your daily routine.

Our elevator technicians install two types of elevators:
Commercial Elevators

Limited Use, Limited Access Commercial Elevators

LULA elevators are typically used in commercial properties, they are used specifically for people with physical disabilities and aren’t meant for strenuous, multi-person loads. Over working these elevators could lead to unnecessary elevator repairs.
Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators

Similar to the LULA elevators that are popular for commercial use, residential elevators are capable of handling more strenuous loads. Typically, a residential elevator and regularly handle a 2-3 person capacity and only require regular elevator servicing to work properly.