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Accessible stair lifts are one of the most common forms of improving mobility in a residential setting. Stair lift installations are chair lifts situated on a set of stairs in your home. The chair is on a fixed metal track that carries the user up or down the stairs as desired. If you require regular use of your stairs but you don’t feel safe using them, AAA Health Care recommends getting an accessible stair lift in your home.

Fully Custom Stairlifts

After taking into account all the different physical disabilities that we have encountered, AAA Health Care has concluded that mobility stairlifts are not a one-size-fits-all product. When we are asked to do a new stair lift installation, AAA Health Care begins by visiting the home and the client.

This visit allows us to determine the two things:

  • The limitations of the individual using the stairlift
  • The extent of the work that will need to be done

Getting these pieces of information is critical to the rest of our work. AAA Health Care wants to make sure that your accessible stair lift is perfect for you. This means making sure the chair is the right size for ease of sitting down and getting up, making the controls easily accessible, etc.

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Stair Lift Installation

After we finish selecting all your stairlift options, the expected turnaround time is about one week. The process is quick and painless too! We understand the importance of remaining within the comfort of your home, installing a custom stairlift does not interrupt your daily routine. All we require is access to the set of stairs you need your stairlift installed on, we’ll take care of the rest!

We install two different types of custom stairlifts, straight rail stairlifts, and curved rail stair lifts.

Straight Rail Stairlifts

An accessible stair lift whose sits on a rail that does not turn.

Curved Rail Stairlifts

For stairs that have landings and switchbacks, curved rail stairlifts follow the stairs rotation without having to get off the machine.