Vertical Lifts

Vertical lift
Vertical lift installation is the elegant solution to maintaining full access to your home without having to convert your steps into a ramp. In most situations, senior citizens might not have the required strength to get themselves up a ramp, therefore a vertical platform lift is probably the best option for their living situation. AAA Health Care’s vertical life technicians are capable of getting you the best use out of your vertical lift.

Reclaim Your Backyard

A vertical lift installation is the perfect answer for anybody who has a beautiful outdoor setting but cannot access it due to a raised porch, deck, patio, etc. Vertical lifts are the least intrusive solution that requires minimal renovating in order to incorporate in your home. You shouldn’t have to give up relaxing in your backyard just because you can no longer use the stairs, AAA Health Care makes enjoying your entire home possible once more!

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Features of a Vertical Lift

What exactly makes a vertical lift perfect for you? Here is a list of the common features that people like the most:

Platform ✔

This is a steel plate with a non-skid surface that the user will be placed on for operation. It comes complete with a high guard panel and railing for ease of access and use.

User Friendly Controls ✔

The control panel is straightforward to use and doesn’t require extensive training. If the user does experience any technical difficulties, AAA Health Care can perform vertical lift repair in no time to make it operational once more.

Gate/Door ✔

As an added safety measure, the vertical lift has a gate that prevents the user from falling out mid use. Once the user has completed use, the gate can be opened without difficulties.

Services for Vertical Lifts

Our vertical lift installers perform two major services they are:

Vertical Lift Installation

Vertical Lift Installation

If we believe that you would best benefit from a vertical lift, we can get to work on installing your new system. Installation takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.
Vertical Lift Repair

Vertical Lift Repair

Every so often, a vertical lift will experience technical difficulties. When this is the case, our technicians can come out and perform vertical lift repair, getting your system operating again as soon as the day you call!